The LTP 3565 is a high voltage, low power consumption and high performance LDO. The family uses an advanced CMOS process and a PMOSFET pass device to achieve fast start-up, with high output voltage accuracy. The LTP3565 is stable with a 1.0μF~10μF ceramic output capacitor, and uses a precision voltage reference and feedback loop to achieve a worst-case accuracy of 2% over all load, line, process, and temperature variations.

Advantages And Characteristics

  • Wide Input Voltage Range: up to 24V
  • Output Current: 150mA
  • Standard Fixed Output Voltage Options: 3.3V and 5.0V
  • More Output Voltage Options Available on Request
  • Low IQ : 1.5µA Typically
  • Low Dropout Voltage
  • Short current protection:
  • Excellent Load/Line Transient Response
  • Available in SOT23-3, SOT23-5, SOT-89 Packages


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