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Founded in early 2016, Shanghai Linearin Technology Corporation is a high-end precision analog chip company focusing on sensing signal conditioning and power electrofluxing applications. Headquartered in Shanghai, it has research and development centers in Shenzhen, Xi 'an and Wuxi. The company provides innovative products and more optimized solutions for the smart home, Internet of Things, industrial control and smart factories, medical equipment, communication systems, automotive electronics and other markets.

With an expert team of industry-leading analog design, we have built the most complete series of precision amplifier chips in China. Our products include high-performance amplifiers, comparators, reference voltage and linear power supplies, switches and multiplexers, interface circuits, data converters, and AFE & ASSP special chip and other analog and mixed signal chips. With significant advantages in performance, size and power consumption, it has been recognized by more customers.

Adhering to the vision of "based on the top analog chip design, through innovation to create the leading Chinese analog chip", the company has expanded its product line to a wider range of analog chips such as linear power supply, multiplexer, interface circuit, data converter, etc., and developed more integrated sensor analog front-end chips and system-level special chips covering more high-performance analog IP. The company is laying out a global network, to provide more partners with professional products and solutions, to achieve the perfect combination of high performance and high quality chips.

20 years of R&D experience


Cooperation area

Research Team

The core teams of the company are from top semiconductor companies at home and abroad, with unique innovative thinking and operation mode. They have rich experience in R & D engineering, process management, market definition of products and customer technical services of high-performance analog chips and advanced sensor products.

Qualification Honor


Zero Drift Amplifier

Zero-drift amplifier for precision measurement, representing the industry's highest level of design of high-end analog products; Patented technology and optimized circuit topology with extremely low offset voltage, temperature drift coefficient and voltage noise, and extremely high open-loop gain, CMRR and PSRR achieve the level of precision required for sensor signal conditioning. Our core patent "continuous common-mode feedback control" enables these devices to deliver the fastest step response in the industry and effectively reduce signal output errors.


Micropower Comparator

The high performance micropower comparator has higher speed and very low current loss. It adopts a unique output stage design to limit the power supply current fluctuation when switching, almost completely eliminating the power supply interference signal problem common in many other comparators, and at the same time, reducing the overall power consumption under dynamic conditions.


PM Fine Particle Sensor

PM fine particle sensor is the latest technological breakthrough in the field of optical particle sensor. LTS8018 has a patented "stable zero reference calibration module" built in, which makes it easier to design and apply the LTS8016 with a patented output characteristic curve intelligent self-calibration algorithm; Both use the company's proprietary industry-leading sensor Analog Front End (AFE) signal processing chips and advanced algorithms.

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