The LTC8741/8742/8743/8744 are single-, dual-, and quad- channel comparators with push-pull output that offer the ultimate combination of high speed (33 ns propagation delay) and micro power consumption (135 μA), available in small packages with features such as rail-to-rail inputs, low offset voltage (0.8 mV), large output drive current, and a wide range of supply voltages from 1.8 V to 5.5 V. The devices are very easy to implement in a wide variety of applications where require critical response time, power-sensitive,

low-voltage, and/or tight board space. The output of the LTC8741/8742/8743/8744 pulls to within 0.1 V of either supply rail without external pull-up circuitry, making these devices ideal for interface with both CMOS and TTL logics. All input and output pins can tolerate a continuous short-circuit fault condition to either rail. Internal hysteresis ensures clean output switching, even with slow-moving input signals.

The LTC8741/LTC8743 (single) is available in both SOT23-5L and SC70-5L packages. The LTC8742 (dual) is offered in DFN-8L, SOIC-8L and MSOP-8L packages. The LTC8744 (quad) is offered in SOIC-14L and TSSOP-14L packages. All devices are rated over -40 ℃ to +125 ℃ industrial temperature range.


Advantages And Characteristics

  • Fast 33 ns Propagation Delay (100-mV Overdrive)
  • Micro-power Operating Current (135 μA) Preserves Battery Power
  • Single 1.8 V to 5.5 V Supply Voltage Range
– Can be Powered From the Same 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V/5V System Rails
  • Rail-to-Rail Input
  • Push-Pull Output Current Drive: 30 mA Typically at 5V Supply
  • Internal Hysteresis for Clean Switching
  • Internal RF/EMI Filter
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 ℃ to +125 ℃



  • Consumer Accessories
  • Handsets, Tablets and Notebooks\\
  • Portable and Battery-Powered Devices
  • Alarms and Monitoring Circuits
  • Zero-Crossing Detectors
  • Threshold Detectors and Discriminators
  • Window Comparators
  • IR Receivers
  • Level Translators
  • Line Receivers

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