The LTA4580 device is a dual operational amplifier that has been designed optimally for audio applications, such as improving tone control.The LTA4580 device offers low noise, high gain bandwidth, low harmonic distortion, and high output current, all of which make the device ideally suited for audio electronics, such as preamplifiers,active filters, and professional audio mixers. When high output current is required, this device can be used as a headphone amplifier.

The LTA4580 device is improved to rail-to-rail output swing and an input common mode range that includes the -VS rail. Due to its wide operating supply voltage, this device can also be used in lowvoltage applications.

The LTA4584 device is an additional supply of quad audio operational amplifier that features same performance. This device offers in 14-pin industry-standard configuration for obtaining the space and cost savings.


Advantages And Characteristics

◼ Wide Supply: ±2 V to ±18 V, 4 V to 36 V
◼ Wide Bandwidth: 19 MHz GBW
◼ High Slew Rate: 17 V/μs
◼ Low Noise Voltage: 0.8 μVRMS
◼ Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.0005%
◼ Low Offset Voltage: ±3 mV Maximum
◼ Input Common Mode Range: -VS to +VS - 2 V
◼ Rail-to-Rail Output Swing
◼ Drop-In Replacement for NJM4580, NE5532, RC4580, NJM4560/2/5, and LM833
◼ Additional Quad in 14-Pin Industry-Standard: LTA4584



◼ Audio Preamplifiers
◼ Active Filters
◼ Pro Audio Mixers
◼ Headphone Amplifiers
◼ Netbooks
◼ Multichannel Video Transcoders
◼ Industrial Measurement Equipment

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